Monday, March 8, 2010

How's that for teaching a preschooler about Christ's love?

The Sacred Heart of Jesus school in Boulder, Colorado, has informed a family that they cannot re-enroll their preschooler in school next year because the child's parents are lesbians. According to a statement put out by the Archdiocese of Denver, "We expect all families who enroll students to live in accord with Catholic teaching."

So--no one practices contraception, right? Or has ever been divorced? And will they be checking to see if anyone has ever had an abortion? How about those people who eat meat on Fridays or don't go to church on obligation days?

Some staff have expressed disgust for the archdiocese's decision...but of course, they must remain anonymous if they want to remain employed.

Are these people actively aiming to turn people away from the Catholic church? I hope they have a massive withdrawal of families from this school.

Thanks to Dating Jesus, the companion blog for a book I recently read, for this story.

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