Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy 20th annual 27th birthday to my sweet husband!

We have a friend who celebrates her 50th birthday every year--this year was her 20th annual 50th birthday party! So in the tradition of Sue, happy birthday to my young groom (he was 27 when we got married!).

In true G-G tradition, we celebrated several times--cheesecake with my parents and Nadine and David and family on Friday night, and again on Mike's actual birthday (Sunday) with presents in the morning and then later in the evening with our friends Nancie and Dave in Woodinville. On Saturday night, though, we went out with Nadine and David for an adult dinner while their sainted nanny, Herrera, watched all of the boys. We went to our favorite Puyallup restaurant, which used to be called "The Hungry Goose," but is now called "HG Bistro."

We had made reservations for 7:00, but something must have gone wrong because they were unable to seat us until nearly 7:30. This restaurant has excellent service, though, because our waitress soon appeared and apologized for our wait, and asked if we all eat prawns and drink alcohol. We answered "yes!" She brought out a beautiful appetizer of a lovely boozy cocktail sauce (with fresh basil) in a martini glass, surrounded by prawns. Yum!

The first time we went to this restaurant, the owner told us that we must have the salmon--it was spectacular. Three out of four of us ordered the salmon, and then he came back to announce that sadly, the salmon was all gone--but he would comp our entire lunch! Can't beat that customer service.

The dinner and conversation were lovely--as much as I adore my kids, I love grownup evenings! I truly realize how very lucky I am to have a sister and brother-in-law who we love and consider to be close friends. (They are a great aunt-and-uncle team too!)

A toast to 47--I mean 27--again! :)

I had mentioned to the waitress that it was Mike's birthday--you can always tell a good restaurant if you drop a birthday hint and they do something special. In this case, it was a flaming dessert--their s'more specialty--ice cream, marshmallows, chocolate sauce, and graham cracker crumbs on a puff pastry crust--all on a flaming piece of wood, so it smelled just like campfire s'more! Yum!

Very fun celebration!

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  1. Great photos! Sounds like great fun. Mom