Monday, March 29, 2010

Glenn Beck Haiku, Anyone?

Some very creative soul at Jewish Funds for Justice has developed a web site and invited "socially conscious" individuals to submit their haik u (sic) about Glenn Beck. I love it! Here's my own:
Mother Teresa
Communist in nun's clothing
She'll burn in Beck's hell

Here are some that I liked:

The Bible without
Talk of social justice is
Many blank pages

Jesus healed the sick
Moses parted the Red Sea
Nazi Communists!?

nazis and commies
were not exactly big church
people anyway

And Jesus said to
All his hungry disciples
"Hands off my fish, chumps"

Glenn Beck does not know
the health care bill makes us the
Good Samaritan

Glenn Beck knows that when
Jesus preached social justice
it was sarcasm.

Was a socialist
commie, two grand years ago.
His name was Jesus

Beck is to justice
Social or Economic
Like Hitler to Jews

Does the Bible say
anything about the poor?
It’s in there somewhere.

Beck would not know a
fascist if he saw one in
the mirror. Daily.

If you let Glenn Beck
be your shepherd, don't cry when
you get shorn like sheep.

All Glenn's nazi talk,
protesting a bit too much.
Pot calls kettle black?

If I were Glenn Beck,
I'd fear social justice, too.
It makes perfect sense.

Who else fears justice?
Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong
Il, and Mugabe

If only Beck knew
And his followers did too
What Jesus would do.

Cold March winds blow hard.
Hot is the Beck big blowhard.
Thank God the winds refresh.

New Bumper Sticker.
Jesus was a Socialist.
Sermon on the Mount.

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