Monday, March 8, 2010

End the "R" word

I follow a blog called "Take a Walk on the Happy Side." I think I found it through the Happiness Project, and it appealed to me because the author seems to have a similar philosophy to me. She is the mom of three kids, including twin boys who happen to have Down Syndrome.

She recently wrote a post about ending the "R" word, posting photos of her adorable boys with this note:

"If you KNEW you were putting my amazing boys down by using the "R" word, would you still say it? Would you say it in front of them?"

I urge you to read this moving post about the amount of hurt caused every time anyone uses the word "retarded," especially when it is used as an insult. And consider whether you have ever used that word yourself in passing...and please pass it on! A little consciousness raising is a good thing!

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