Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 3 of potty training #3

If you're a parent, you're no doubt aware that everyone is an armchair or backseat parent when it comes to offering advice...whether the person has or has not had kids, surely they know the answer to your problems.

These three are the worst:

"They all wean themselves."
"All you have to do is let him cry it out for 10 minutes and he'll fall asleep."
"Just let him run around naked (or put him in underwear, or give him chocolate) and he'll catch on right away."

None of these worked on any of our three children (well, except for Chris on the weaning part, since he was getting breast milk from a bottle and gave that up fairly easily). And none of them have potty trained themselves.

I know that boys are later, and we have been fairly lazy about training our youngest one. But we cannot put it off any longer--he's 3-1/2 now, and we know from experience that it will take a concerted effort to train him. So we started on Saturday.

The best thing is that he's been fairly good natured about it, going off to sit on the toilet every hour or so. Today he had only one little accident and several successes. No wait--actually the best thing? This is the last time we have to do potty training!

We've been rewarding him with M&Ms, which Mike replenished after I made my chocolate-slavery discovery...and now that they've been bought, we are using them and I feel horribly guilty. After they are gone, we are not buying any more--ever--unless Mars finally agrees to use nonslavery chocolate. So we'll have to find some new incentive. It's impossible to find free trade M&Ms (or something approximating them).

However--so far no poop--since Friday. We've plied him with popcorn (which is high in fiber), but he's already prone to constipation, and I'm sure the potty training is not helping. Poor kid!

I hope we will have good potty training news to report soon. Kieran was comparatively easy--we trained him over a 3-day weekend at the beach! Nicholas appears to be a bit more difficult so far. But it could be much worse!

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