Monday, February 15, 2010

February Spring in Portland

While most of the country faces record-high snowfall and frozen conditions, the Northwest is experiencing a winter warm spell (as anyone who has been following the Winter Olympics will know). Portland hit a balmy high of mid- to upper-50 degrees F today.

I took the advantage of decent weather to start on the new habit I'm trying to forge: regular walks on my lunch hour.

In the past year, my job has become increasingly sedentary. Nearly all of my time is spent on the phone or computer, since I'm interacting with people around the country and hardly ever with people in my own office. I have to force myself to get out of my chair.

I've been remiss in going to the gym--it's across the river and takes me at least 20 minutes in traffic to get there and back--so I am thinking I should probably cancel my membership. We do have a fitness room in our office, although the idea of working out with people I know does not thrill me. I've also been trying to use the Wii Fit Plus regularly (but with the Olympics on in the evenings, that will be a challenge in the next several days).

Now that spring is coming, I'm going to try to get outdoors more--walking or biking. (This would also boost my intake of Vitamin D, which we Northwesterners lack.) Today was a beautiful start!

My office is very close to the waterfront--it takes just 5 to 10 minutes to get there, depending on the route. Today I put on my iPod headphones and walked down to Riverplace and out onto the river, and then looped around and circled back to the office by another route. It was a glorious walk, and lots of Portlanders were out and about enjoying our early spring weather.

All I had was my BlackBerry camera, so the photos don't do it justice...this shows the deck walkway I walked on, into the river:

Offering great views of Portland's many bridges:

And past where many of the dragon boats were moored:

A goose that was dearly hoping I would have some food:

Scores of ducks and geese enjoying the weather and the waterfront:

I've always been drawn to the water, and I realize that getting down to the river is good for my soul. I must do it more often.

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