Monday, January 4, 2010

My entertaining kids


Said this morning, in all seriousness and with no preamble, "If the naughty guys take away my fire hat, I will be awfully sad!"


Kieran came home from school today tired out and disappointed that his teacher wasn't there. When Mike asked him what they did in school today, Kieran said "nothing."

Mike then asked, in his characteristically writer way, "What was the teacher doing? Tap dancing while making Turkish Delight?"

Kieran's response: "Yeah, and then she was mixing vodka."

"Vodka?" Mike asked.

"Non-alcoholic vodka, Dad."

"How do you know about vodka, Kieran?"

"I looked it up on Wikipedia, Dad."

The kid is a first grader who knows his way around YouTube but is just learning to read and spell bigger words. How he picked up on Wikipedia is anyone's guess. As Mike mentioned, he does set Kieran up with his far-out questions...but the kid is destined to be a writer!

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