Monday, January 18, 2010

Knitting Disappointments

I gave Mom a scarf I knitted for her birthday. I had been working on it since way before Christmas, and I was crestfallen to discover, at midnight Saturday night, as I was cramming to finish it, that yet again my knitting had grown quite a bit in width! It was a real lesson in "letting go" to give it to her. No one who is not a knitter will notice the width problem--and I'm sure it will look wonderful on her (the yarn is pretty and soft)--but I was disgusted with myself. Yet again, my haste resulted in sloppy work. (I've told her to tell people who notice the width issue that I intentionally made one end wider than the other!! It's the latest style, don't you know?)

I remember when I was young and would sew my own clothes. As I got toward the end, I'd start hurrying and inevitably would make mistakes or not carefully fit the garment correctly. Typical.

I think I am going to have to start counting my stitches carefully as I continue to knit. Sigh. As it was, I took out several rows at a time on multiple occasions.

And I will have to stop multitasking when I knit. I have actually knitted while reading a book and singing songs to the kids at bedtime. Really. How ridiculous is that.

I think it's time to start a different type of project--not a scarf--that will require me to count my stitches. Scarf knitting appears to be mindless, but it's clear that I should be using my mind more!

Fortunately, Mom was happy with the scarf--as of course she would be, because she's my mom. But I'm determined to make her a perfect one someday!

And this tendency to rush and multitask resulting in less-than-perfect results is a good commentary on my life at the moment. More focus and less scatterbrained activity is needed.

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