Sunday, January 24, 2010

Beet Burger?

Yes, you read that right. Today before going to the theater, we had lunch at the Deschutes Brewery in the Pearl. As often happens, Mike and I were perfectly in sync with our food choices today. As my friend Amy says, we are food compatible! We often come up with the same choice for restaurants when contemplating a meal out.

We've only been to the Deschutes once (before attending another play--it's a block from the theater), although we tried again last holiday season before attending "A Christmas Carol." We had to give up that time, because it was packed to the gills. Besides the cozy atmosphere and proximity to Portland Center Stage, I love the beautiful wood carvings:

We also like the Deschutes because they have a gluten-free menu and gluten-free beer! (Sadly, although nearby PF Chang's also has a gluten-free menu, thanks to Chris' obsession with the Eat This! Not That! series, we now know that PF Chang's food is extremely high fat, so we've had to cross that restaurant off our list with our new healthy eating regime.)

I had the almond-chicken salad with gluten-free breadsticks and a Stumptown coffee (in a mug that said "I'd rather be drinking Black Butte Porter!" Love it!), and Mike had his gluten-free beer and yes, you guessed it, a beet burger with sweet potato fries. On a gluten-free bun. My husband simply loves beets. I will tolerate them, but I do not love them. I cannot imagine ordering a beet burger.

We'd never heard of such a gastronomic creation, but I just did an internet search, and I got over 4,000 hits on "beet burger." Guess they're not that unique. Maybe that should be on the menu for his birthday meal!

Thanks, Deschutes Brewery, for making my hubby a happy man.

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  1. A beet burger...intriguing. I do love beets so I think this will go on my to make list.

    Hope your weekend was delightful!