Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Swimming and Baaing

Kieran and Nicholas finished off another term of swimming. Kieran finally stopped holding his nose when he goes underwater and got promoted to otter! And Nick is our little fish. He was by far the youngest and smallest kiddo in his class, but he had a blast. Kieran went down the big slide by himself, and Nick went down with his teacher. Here they are posing at the end of their classes:

And after I told Kieran I wanted a "nice" photo:

Monday night, as I mentioned a few posts ago, Chris' middle school Sunday school class did a "traveling" Nativity play. Chris played dual roles of shepherd and wise man, and Kieran was the most animated and enthusiastic sheep Bethlehem has ever seen!

Ever see a sheep giving the peace sign?

Or eating a cookie?

This is what I got when I asked Kieran to put his arms around Kate! Poor sweetheart (Kate, that is...)!

Oliver, church puppy:

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