Monday, December 14, 2009

More Tales of Bobidou

Bobidou is three-year-old Nick's made-up word...but he seems to be turning into an imaginary friend with a life and adventures of his own!

This morning I asked Nick where Bobidou is now:

N: He's in Centreville riding on the fire trucks. And the ponies, but he can't make up his mind about the ponies. (They had pony rides in Centreville, and guess who was highly ambivalent whether he wanted to ride or not?)

Me: Really? He's all the way in Toronto?

N: Yes. And he's on the log flume. But he's coming home soon because he misses me.

Me: Where does Bobidou live?

N: Here. In Portland. My Portland.

Me: How will he get home?

N: In a stroller. He's a baby.

Me: Who's going to push the stroller?

N: Daddy. I want to go to Centreville!

Hope you enjoy your nice long walk home from Toronto, dear.

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