Friday, December 18, 2009

Marie's Top Reads of 2009

This list does not encompass all the books I read in 2009--they are only the top 20 in each category. To see my full list or read my reviews of these books, I encourage you to become my friend on Goodreads (a fantastic social networking and review site for readers):


1. The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins
2. Clara Callan, Richard B. Wright
3. Grace Hammer, Sara Stockbridge
4. The Hour I First Believed, Wally Lamb
5. The Little Friend, Donna Tartt
6. Glory Days, Joyce Mandeville
7. Revolutionary Road, Richard Yates
8. Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte
9. Dragon House, John Shors
10. Blue Boy, Rakesh Satyal
11. How I Paid for College, Marc Acito
12. Eating Heaven, Jennie Shortridge
13. Admission, Jean Korelitz
14. Black Water Rising, Attica Locke
15. Good for the Jews, Debra Spark
16. The Uncommon Reader, Alan Bennett
17. Perfect Match, Jodi Picoult
18. Slumdog Millionaire, Vikas Swarup
19. The Invisible Circus, Jennifer Egan
20. Intuition, Allegra Goodman


1. The Voice That Calls You Home, Andrea Raynor
2. Barefootin’, Unita Blackwell
3. The Shiniest Jewel: A Family Love Story, Marian Henley
4. The Unlikely Disciple, Kevin Roose
5. Bento Box in the Heartland, Linda Furiya
6. It Sucked and Then I Cried, H. Armstrong
7. Dreams from My Father, Barack Obama
8. Bringing up Geeks, Marybeth Hicks
9. Rapture Ready!, Daniel Radosh
10. Dumbfounded, Mat Rothschild
11. The Middle Place, Kelly Corrigan
12. Angry Conversations with God, Susan Isaacs
13. Not Buying It, Judith Levine
14. Dharma Girl, Chelsea Cain
15. The Short Bus, Jonathan Mooney
16. Banker to the Poor, Muhammad Yunus
17. A Girl Named Zippy, Haven Kimmel
18. Picking Cotton, Jennifer Thompson-Cannino
19. Epilogue: A Memoir, Annie Roiphe
20. Chalked Up, Jennifer Sey

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