Saturday, December 12, 2009

Compassion Put to the Test

Lots of my Facebook friends have been posting about crazy, rude people during the holiday season, especially at the malls. We tend to stay away from the malls in general, so we haven't encountered much in the way of seasonal rudeness. Until today.

At the theater our kids were taken with some life-size figures of the Chipmunks (the Chipmunks have a sequel coming out around Christmas). Soon we were surrounded by a couple of moms with a whole gaggle of kids, who were desperate to have their photos taken. Although we were there first, we asked our kids to clear out so their kids could have A SUCCESSION of photos taken first. It took FOREVER. They seemed completely clueless that our kids were waiting their turn.

Finally, they cleared off and we could take our photos:

Then, upon leaving the movie theater, we discovered that our car's lights had been on the whole time. (We leave our lights on in both of our cars, because they are supposed to go off automatically.) Recently, our Toyota Camry Wagon's lights have not been turning off like they are supposed to.

I took the kids off to Taco Time for a snack before we took a side trip to Powell's. Mike went to see if the battery had died. It had, so we needed a jump (fortunately my trusty husband always carries jumper cables).

He approached one of the Chipmunk moms and asked whether she'd be willing to give him a jump. You know my husband--polite, with a lovely British accent.

"No." She stated.

"You wouldn't be willing to give me a jump?"


Stunned at her response, he then said "Well, Merry Christmas to you" (with a touch of tone, I imagine).

"I WILL have a Merry Christmas!" She said, defiantly.

Fortunately he was able to get a couple who were on their way to the movies to give him a jump. Now perhaps she was in a hurry, or she thought he was going to attack her or something. Who knows. But neither of those justify being rude.

It's the first test of the "compassion" quote I just posted. Or, in this case, it might be a case of will catch up to her one day. It always astonishes me when people are just plain rude.

I suppose the truly compassionate response would have been something like: "Okay, well, sorry to bother you." To be able to respond like that, we'd truly have to be evolved. I for one am not there yet.

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  1. Marie, this is horrible!! I can't believe the cold-heartedness of some people. You are right though, it will come back around. You guys are far nicer than I, for I would have said to them in the theater that we were there first and were trying to take a picture. But I'm that way.

    I'm glad someone was able to give you guys help. Thank goodness for kind and warm people, who know the true meaning of this season and hold on to it all year long!