Monday, November 23, 2009

For Those of Us Worried about the State of the Country Judging by Recent Bestsellers...

Mike told me this morning that he had read some depressing news. I thought he was going to tell me about some new study that had come out, informing us that we had made some grave error in the way we had raised our children (e.g., organic food causes cancer, or some such new development)...or some current event...

Instead, he told me about the unprecedented success of Sarah Palin's book...and the record-breaking opening weekend of "New Moon." For literary English major types like us, these two statistics are indeed depressing.

I've tried to reassure him by saying that not everyone who buys Palin's book is a fan. (This is very hard to believe, given the fact that we would be loath to put any money in her coffers--if by some miracle we could stomach reading it, we would get it out of the library! But I realize that a lot of people do not use the library and do in fact buy books out of curiosity.)

And regular blog readers will remember that I am so NOT a fan of Stephenie Meyer's trilogy.

Then later today I found these comics, which cheered both of us up a tiny bit:

So there.

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