Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Beauty Is Skin Deep

This video, which my Facebook friend Marcia posted on her page, quickly demonstrates why I eschew fashion magazines (plus the outrageously, often ugly clothing). The more disturbing message is this: what kind of subliminal messages are we sending to girls and women (who judge their own beauty based on what they see in advertising and magazines)? And then there's the boys and men (who put these women on a false pedestal and have extraordinary expectations of female beauty)...

I competed on the speech team in high school (the National Forensics League--I was such a geek!), and one of my key speeches was a persuasive speech on subliminal advertising. This was back in the early 80s. How the world has changed since then. In this Photoshopped world, we simply can't trust anything we see in print or on the commercial Web. Most of it is false in some way or another.

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  1. I just wonder, why do they bother with models? They could use a doll or a scarecrow if they dan do all that. I agree with your sentiments about the message these fake photos send to girls and women. Mom