Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Birth Week Continues!

I imagine by now you are probably tired of hearing all about my birthday! A woman turns 45 only once in her life, so she has to keep celebrating!

I took my birthday off from work, which I paid for the following day...but on Tuesday I enjoyed my leisurely day. I stayed in bed until 10:00 reading my lovely Clara Callan (which I just reviewed) and drinking English Breakfast tea. I dragged myself out of bed to do a couple of hours of work and then go off to pick Nick up from preschool with Mike. Then the three of us had lunch at Marco's. I had a roasted vegetable scramble, which was lovely!

NEW! Roasted Vegetable Scramble: two eggs scrambled with herb-roasted zucchini, yellow squash, carrots, onions and sweet red peppers

In the afternoon I stopped by Fred Meyer to buy some ingredients for muesli. Then I did some wandering in Hillsdale and Multnomah Village. I hit Paloma, which was having a sale--bought a new top and some earrings for myself--plus my two favorite southwest resale shops, followed by Topanien and Annie Bloom's. What a treat to be able to browse in three separate book stores during my birth week (followed by Borders and Powell's on the weekend)!

I returned home to the wonderful smells of mulligatawny, which Mike had made. My parents joined us for dinner. Yum! Fortunately he made a huge batch, and we're still eating it. It continues to be delicious.

Mom made my very favorite tunnel of fudge cake:

The boys singing to me and helping me blow out the candles:

My gift from them, which Chris was DESPERATE for me to open, was the new Beatles Rock Band for the Wii (just the game, as we already have the instruments). It's a blast--but it's made me realize I need to study up on the more obscure Beatles songs in order to be able to sing them. And my parents gave me two CDs: the new Girlyman, and a Sara Thomsen. So it turned out to be a very musical birthday and a wonderful day.

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  1. Hi, I happened to stumble onto your blog and I just browsed through some of your entries admiring photos of your boys ...Well having a soft spot for kids myself, I gotta say that your boys are really lovely! Especially when they have a natural blush on their cheeks, which adds a gorgeous glow to their faces! It doesn't work this way for us over here in Singapore because it's SUMMER all year long. Unfortunately, we don't experience other seasons here. This is such a heartwarming picture of your happy family in the entry :)