Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Garrison Keillor on Lutherans

“Here in the Midwest, we all have long memories of suffering and pain, because, for one thing, winter is so long, and when finally it gets warm and beautiful as it is now, finally (the last ice went out last week) we try to relieve these painful memories of cold, of neglect, of suspicion, darkness, anger, Bologna sandwiches, stupidity, butterscotch pudding (we try to heal ourselves by subjecting ourselves to intensely pleasurable experiences) mindless pleasure in the sun while wearing as few clothes as possible (sand, air, water, sun, grass, gin) but we were not brought up to experience pleasure. It doesn't register on us. It's like trying to write on glass with a pencil. We get into as few clothes as possible and the sight of ourselves depresses us. Sunlight makes us gloomy. We are not Mediterranean people. We're Lutheran people. Even the Catholics up here are Lutheran. And I don't like to generalize about Lutherans, but one thing that's true of every single last one of them without a single exception is that the low point of their year is their summer vacation.”

Garrison Keillor has a new book out about Lutherans, and his last show featured lots of Lutheran stories, songs, and jokes. I can't get the embedding features to work on my blog, but you can go directly to the Prairie Home Companion site to listen to the following:

I'm a Lutheran (song)
The Story of Bob (skit) (script)
Flood (skit) (script)
The Choral Blues
Lutheran medley--Amazing Grace to the tune of the Mickey Mouse Club; Be Present at Our Table Lord

Or you can listen to the entire program (or parts) here.

Phillip Brunelle, who was one of the choir directors when we were at Holden Village this summer, also appeared on the show. I called his choir "Choir on Speed," because we packed so many ambitious, complicated pieces into a brief period of time that I was left dizzy...but I truly enjoyed it! He is a brilliant musician, even though his musical tastes were not always similar to my own.

I haven't had time to listen to the whole show yet, but I will eventually. Lutherans like to laugh at themselves! And of course we are proud to call Garrison Keillor as our fellow Lutheran.

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  1. I can't wait to listen to the Prairie Home Companion pieces (I love that program!!) Shane grew up Lutheran, and not just Lutheran, but Steenbock Lutheran as he calls it - his family was conservative to the extreme - the low point being summer vacation is so right on!