Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Faux News Declares Dr. Regina Benjamin "Too Fat" for Office

Some fitness nazi on "Faux News" has declared President Obama's surgeon general candidate pick, Dr. Regina Benjamin, as "obese" and not a fit choice for surgeon general. Benjamin has won multiple awards and is amazingly well qualified for this post. Her closest family members died of "preventable illnesses," and she has said she would like to focus on wellness and preventable disease during her term.

If she is like almost every other middle-aged woman I know, she is probably trying to lose those extra 20 or 30 pounds. She probably knows all the right things to eat and how much she should exercise. But it's clear that she's incredibly focused on her career as a rural health care family practice physician. She moonlighted for years to keep her clinic open. My guess is that she didn't have much time to eat well or exercise as much as she should have.
I don't remember anyone making similar such comments when Reagan appointed C. Everett Coop to be surgeon general. But we also didn't have Faux News back then.

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