Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Obama's Historic Journey

Like no other presidential election, Mike and I and the kids have amassed a collection of memorabilia about Obama's historic campaign and election. We have magazine editions, posters, buttons, t-shirts (for the kids), you name it.
We were asked to review a book about Obama's historical journey produced by the New York Times. Obama: The Historic Journey is a beautiful, full-color story about Obama's childhood, upbringing, presidential campaign, and inauguration. We have been reading it in the evenings after dinner. It's written for young people--Chris is the most engaged of all of our widely age-ranging kids, even though they're all Obama fans.
It's our second children's book about Obama--the first one has beautiful paintings, and this one has photographs. These will be collector's items for us to save and read to our grandchildren...about this historic time in our lives and our inspirational president's life and journey. If you are looking for a good souvenir of the 2008 election, especially one geared for young people, I would recommend this book. Here is Mike reading out loud after dinner:

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