Friday, June 5, 2009

Kieran Hamming It Up

Here's Kieran in the bath tonight, with his mohawk:

This week, his ability to go underwater really "clicked." We've had him in swimming lessons for some time, and he loves them, but he's always been anxious about doing things until he's really confident. (That's why he was a late walker, and is taking his time to read, etc.) He wants to do things WELL when he starts doing them.
The other night he was taking a bath and requested his goggles. He suddenly began going under water over and over again, for quite a long time in fact. He was very proud to show off his new skill to his teacher last night at swimming! (Previously he could do a bob, but not stay under for very long.) It's all very exciting for him. Tonight he showed off to Mike, who hadn't seen him demonstrate his new skill yet (since he was in the pool with Nick last night).
We typically have the boys in swimming during the school year rather than the summer, but today Mike signed all three up for swimming at the outdoor Wilson Pool in August--Chris will be taking a daily 2-hour junior swim instructor class, and the younger boys will take lessons during that same time period. I think they will enjoy actually swimming outdoors for a change!

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