Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Next Musical Theater Star

Kieran's kindergarten class does not have a regular Show and Tell. I think the kindergarten teachers at his school concluded that it would take away from actual learning time, and they have so little time with the kids and so much curriculum to cover as it is.

But after months of the kids asking for Show and Tell, his teacher has opted to have a one-time event. We received a notice asking that the children refrain from bringing toys. Kieran's first idea was to make a booklet with photos he had taken of various possessions (many of them having to do with his current obsession, Harry Potter). Then he decided to take his new rose.

(Aside: I took Kieran to Michael's on Sunday to spend the Michael's gift card he received from his aunt, uncle, and cousins for his birthday. This is one of Kieran's favorite things to do--be given a budget to spend at a store! He's very committed to sticking within the budget. At Michael's, he ended up getting all sorts of things, such as a white t-shirt [not to be painted, but so that he could be a "white rabbit"], a package of pipe cleaners, a package of gold bells, a mirror, glow sticks, and a rose [because Bye Bye Birdie character Rosie does a dance with a rose]. Upon returning home, he strung the bells on a pipe cleaner to make jingle bells and glued the mirror to the top of the toy chest, with ribbons around it--for a face paint mirror!)

Back to Show and Tell...When he called me up at work the other day to let me know what he had decided, I suggested that he also take his Bye Bye Birdie program with all the cast autographs. He was delighted at this idea, and he announced that he would also sing a Bye Bye Birdie song!

So this morning was the big event. He told Mike that he would be doing "The Telephone Hour," because that was his "best song." Mike e-mailed his teacher to see how he did, and this was her reply:

Hi Michael,
Kieran did a great job. He showed us the program and flower, announced he would now be performing a song, and burst into his song. He was great! He did all the motions and everything. We were all very impressed and gave him a big round of applause. I wish you could have seen him!

That boy is just a crackup. Yesterday we started Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and as I finished the first chapter (during which the caretaker of the Riddle house is murdered by Voldemort), I commented that this book is much darker than the first three, and I hoped it wouldn't be too scary for him. He had a look of delight in his eye, and he said "I love it!" Go figure.

I am so thankful to have these guys to keep life light!


  1. I wish I could have seen Kieran at Michael's with his basket full of interesting items. I think it's great that he got to perform for his show and tell, and that he got to wow them with his best song. It's much better than bringing a boring old toy! I love his booklet idea too. It must be a hoot to have an acting troupe at home!

  2. The Michael's trip certainly took quite a bit of time! I just finished my candle project--I'll post some photos soon--and he was very disappointed that I didn't let him help me with them!