Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Eight Things...Times Four!

Eight things to which I am looking forward

1. Taking my first romantic overnight trip with Mike since Nicholas was born…Sylvia Beach Hotel, here we come! (I’m hoping for June!)

2. Going to Holden Village at the end of June with a large group from our church, including my parents and sister and family, and Shelia, Ken, and family from Idaho!

3. Having my friend Kristin and her family move back to Oregon from Wisconsin!

4. Growing our vegetables in our new raised beds--and eating garden-fresh tomatoes and basil!

5. Having the study really, finally clean, and the rest of the house decluttered and organized

6. Nicholas sleeping through the night at last!

7. Taking another trip at the end of the summer—hopefully to Toronto

8. Coming home every day to be greeted at the door with shouts of “Mama!” and big bear hugs

Eight things I did yesterday

1. Went to work, where I sat on lots of conference calls

2. Wrote, edited, and commented

3. Talked to a coworker who moved from Portland to Boise a few years ago—miss you, Amy!

4. Took Chris to an open house for a middle school summer program he’s going to in July

5. Took Chris out for pizza and argued with him about whether I was going to buy him two pieces or not

6. Listened to Chris’ middle school band and choir concert

7. Had Nicholas fall asleep in my lap at said concert

8. Spent too much time on Facebook last night—waste of an evening!

Eight things I would like to do

1. Finish cleaning and organizing our house; also paint and refurbish our house

2. Take a year off and travel with the family--back to Japan, Indonesia, Mexico, and Hong Kong, and also to Australia, Italy, and Spain!

3. Have Mike become a published writer

4. Become a published writer myself, perhaps someday

5. Improve at the mandolin and guitar

6. Be more organized in my life and parenting

7. Live each moment more fully and in the present—not taking things for granted and running on autopilot

8. Make most of the gifts I give to other people

Eight shows I watch—I only follow five, really…

1. Brothers and Sisters

2. Ugly Betty

3. Flight of the Conchords

4. Occasionally, American Idol (but not this season…haven’t gotten into it) and America’s Got Talent

5. ER (until now, since it’s over)

And now I’m supposed to tag other people to have them do this same “eight things,” but I’m going to be lazy like my friend Kristin—who inspired me to do this…so if you see this, and it appeals to you, go forth and write!!

And now I must go down and work on the study, so that tonight is not wasted on the computer like last night!!

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