Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Comments on Mom's Hair

"Mom, what happened to your hair?" said by Chris as I returned home this evening.

"Mom, your hair is yellow!" said by 6-year-old Kieran, followed by assurances that he in fact liked it...

Today I went to the hairdresser for a haircut and weave. I cannot believe that I spend $140 about every 9 months to color my hair (and have it cut at the same time). I am usually loathe to spend money on beauty products or other vanity-related services.

I've never had a salon perm--for years I had my mom give me home perms. Nowadays I opt for coloring my hair rather than having it permed. At least the color covers the gray hairs I have acquired (unlike the curl).

When I read my favorite More magazine, I'm horrified to read about the vast numbers of women who spend a fortune on botox and plastic surgery. So part of me feels guilty about spending money on my hair.

My parents go to a very inexpensive beauty salon and each get their hair cut for around $20. (I'm sure I have that price wrong...but whatever the price, it's way less expensive than most salons!!) So sometimes I feel guilty that I spend so much more on my hair than they do.

However, after having a few bad haircuts in my time (usually at less-expensive salons), I've finally decided that I need to bite the bullet and pay for quality. A year ago, I even tried a different hair salon in Multnomah Village, but it took only one haircut to send me back to my hairdresser. Mike, in the meantime, would never think about trying anyone else. He's 100% loyal...a very fine trait to have in a husband!

I have to admit, as I'm sitting under the hair dryer sipping a glass of Pinot Gris, I feel a slight bit pampered. Mike pointed out that our hairdresser has never offered him a glass of wine! But he's never stayed at the salon for more than 20 minutes either. Hairdressers probably make all their profit cutting men's hair!

My hair isn't yellow, by the way. It's got goldish-red highlights woven into my brown hair. Expensive highlights. But after all, I'm worth it. (Haha.)

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  1. I'm so glad your hair isn't yellow. I know we've never met in person, but you don't strike me as a yellow hair woman! I can be pretty thrify on a lot of things, but hair is another story. Hair has such power to lift you up or send you down to the dumps, so once you've found what works, better stick with it. And a glass of wine doesn't hurt either!