Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bye Bye, Bye Bye Birdie!

The third and final performance of "Bye Bye Birdie" was yesterday afternoon, and now life can return back to normal. Chris is very sad about it ending. I think it was great for him to be part of a team working to do something big and successful. On the other hand, we're happy to see a bit more of him now!

Here are some more show photos...

The screaming Bye Bye Birdie groupies (and boy, could they scream!)
Conrad, after getting slugged by Hugo, on the Ed Sullivan show (Chris is in the middle in a black t-shirt--he was the "sound man" during this scene)
Albert and Rosie taking their bows (Chris in left corner)
The leads--Albert (Austin), Conrad (Alex), and Rosie (Paige)

Maureen and Mike at the cast party (Maureen was one of the co-producers)

The cake for the cast party
Signing posters at the cast party (Chris in the middle)
Chris with one of the leads (Austin, who played Alex), and a crew member
The talented and motivational director Andrea White with Chris

Chris posing with the musical director, Andrew Bray
The two #1 fans of Bye Bye Birdie (not only did we attend all three performances and the dress rehearsal, but we also saw BBB at Cleveland High School last month, and the kids have watched the movie and listened to the soundtrack numerous times) I found them playing the bongos and wearing their sunglasses, and singing Bye Bye Birdie songs at the top of their lungs! (Don't worry, Mom and Dad, we got video too!)

Nicholas kept requesting the song "Kids!"

Of course, they know all the lyrics!
When I was waiting in line yesterday before the show, I was discussing the nature of "Bye Bye Birdie" with a woman whose friend was playing in the orchestra. She described it as satire, and I guess that's one way to look at it. I told her that I imagined that it wasn't satire in 1962, but perhaps it was. Rosie's dream is to be "Mrs. Albert Peterson, the English Teacher's Wife." However, Rosie is clearly the strongest character in the story. In the end, she gets Albert, but we all know who will be in control of things in their household, even if he proclaims that he is the man, and she is the woman. When it comes to musical theater, the best way to enjoy it is to suspend reality and just enjoy the music, I suppose!

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  1. It likes it was a fun experience for all! Your bongo boys are too cool with their shades! I'm with you...isn't the point of musicals just to suspend reality? Unless you have a habit of breaking out into song and dance in the middle of going about your everyday business!