Monday, April 27, 2009

Sweet Silly Nicholas

This funny, sweet, very active little bonus baby of ours is such a ham. I can't imagine our lives without him. He so very nearly did not come into existence.

Here he is in his "bear phase," wearing the bear hat I brought back one year from Alaska and watching wild bear videos on youtube:

Here he is at the Multnomah Art Center playground last week...while Mike and Kieran were doing a cleanup Gabriel Park activity with the kindergarten class...

Nicholas is such a youngest child! Whenever any other child comes near him, he stakes his claim and gets all territorial! So unlike Chris or Kieran at his age...who didn't know how to defend his turf! I had to resort to pulling him away and lecturing him whenever that happened. I do not want to raise any ill-mannered children! If he refuses to let other kids play with him, the least I can do is let him know he needs to share the space...

Here he is behind the "restaurant" counter, filling my orders for any kind of food or drink I could think of...

And his latest play area, the floor of our bedroom, playing with his trains and lizards. Nicholas is very good at entertaining himself, and of all our boys, he seems to be the most interested in actual toys.

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