Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rainy Day in Canada

Tuesday's forecast called for rain, so we had a lazy morning, sitting around the house and enjoying the views and taking in the hot tub. After lunch we decided to take the kids out of the house. We took them to an indoor play zone in Langford, which is about 20 minutes away from the house we are staying at (in East Sooke). Because the Canadian kids are in school this week (last week was their spring break), they offered a discount rate for $4.99(C) per child, adults free. We spent a fun afternoon letting them run around (while Mom and Dad went to Costco!).

Chris was by far the oldest kid there (most of them were preschoolers, because of the school year), but he good-humoredly ran around with the little kids and played with his little brothers. Fortunately, the play zone also had a room called a "Balladium," where for an extra fee you could shoot foam balls at other people with stationery air guns. Chris, Kieran, and I enjoyed ourselves in a foam ball fight!

Although the play zone had a sign saying it was best for kids over 4, Nicholas kept up with the older kids. He just needed a few boosts in a few places (that were too tall for him to climb up to).

Kieran borrowed our video camera and had a great time taking videos of some of the other kids (and making friends in the process).

I also spent a lot of time on the comfy sofa reading my book while my wonderful husband climbed after Nicholas!

Outside, they had a great pirate- and miner-themed mini golf course, but much to Chris' chagrin, it was too cold and soggy to play. But we let them explore on our way out:

Rocks to throw! Yippee!

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