Saturday, March 7, 2009

Now, This Just Absolutely Makes Me Sick!

A nine-year-old girl in Brazil was raped by her stepfather and became pregnant with twins. A nine-year-old! Her mother arranged for an abortion. The Catholic church excommunicated both the mother and the child's doctors. Now the Vatican defends this excommunication. However, the stepfather is still a Catholic in good standing. Because the sin of abortion outweighs the sin of rape.

Since becoming a mom, I tend not to be a swearing woman, but OMFG.

Those doctors saved that child's life. How could a child of nine survive a twin pregnancy and birth, and even more *!$X#& obvious, WHY SHOULD SHE HAVE TO? After being raped, and being sexually abused by her stepfather since the age of six. And to top it off, he also has raped her 14-year-old handicapped sister.

Not only will the church not excommunicate the raping stepfather, but they do not excommunicate priests who have been convicted of sexual abuse. Because the violent rape of a child is not considered to be a serious sin. It's just a little-itty-bitty sin.

I am so worked up about this I don't think I'm going to be able to go to sleep. And it's spring forward tonight. Damn.


  1. Now I won't be able to sleep either. So the church isn't going to do anything, but does the law of the land step in at all? Is he at least going to prison?? I hope so.

  2. I don't think I will be able to sleep either. It is unreal what men in other countries can get away with and still keep their family and their social status.