Monday, March 30, 2009

Last Hours at Kingfisher Manor

One of Kieran's favorite moments of each day in British Columbia was when we arrived back at Kingfisher Manor, and he could jump out of the car and open the gate to the property. Before reaching the house, I was instructed to put on this recording of the Dixie Chicks' "Ready to Run." He has become quite the Dixie Chicks fan!

Here he is opening the gate for us:

And then taking off down the hill at breakneck speed, running all the way down the road to the house:

Not sure what choice tidbit Kieran is sharing with his older brother, but Chris is paying no attention!

Dinner on our last night--pad thai

After dinner, we had planned to build a campfire at the fire pit and make s'mores...but it was a really windy evening. Kieran went outside several times to check the weather and returned to report that a fire would work fine. No one believed him, because the trees were swaying and the water rippled in waves.
But I gathered up some firewood and supplies and headed out to give the good old Girl Scout try.
(Actually, I never learned to build fires during Girl Scouts; instead I learned from years of camping with my family and building fires in the wood stove at home.)

To our delight, we were successful. I told Kieran to run back in the house and announce to everyone, "YE OF LITTLE FAITH!" It was a great fire! Out came the marshmallows, graham crackers, and Hershey's bars. All the Canadian supermarket had for Hershey bars were the kind with almonds. Odd for s'mores, but they turned out to be very tasty that way! Chocolate is always better with nuts, anyway!

Dad with his burnt marshmallow...

THIS is why I wanted an outdoorsy Spring break vacation for a change...

Cold, but so much fun!
We had a great time spending the week with my parents, and we were all feeling sad about leaving the next day.

Last night to take advantage of the hot tub! (Most of the time we used it in the morning when we could see the water...)

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