Monday, March 30, 2009

Kingfisher Manor

I haven't written much about the house we stayed in on Vancouver Island. It's called Kingfisher Manor, and I found it online. The owners live in Seattle and decided to purchase property after visiting the Sooke Harbour House for their 25th wedding anniversary.

It was an amazing retreat--a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house on a beautiful piece of land overlooking the water. Nearly every room had a beautiful view, and as my dad commented, it must have been designed by an architect or someone who knew what he or she was doing, because the design took advantage of the views in every way possible. Even the deck was made of plexiglass and wood, so the view would not be blocked. Even the hot tub had a view through the plexiglass.

The property has a dock, off which you can crab, fish, or boat, but because of the cool weather, we didn't take advantage of those opportunities on this visit. The otters also like to sun themselves on the dock. We did take advantage of the great fire pit on the last night (photos of our campfire to come).

They also have a little cabin for rent in addition to the house. We have talked about returning someday with my sister's family and renting the cabin as well.

The house is actually in East Sooke, which is on a very windy road off the main Sooke highway. It's about 45 minutes from Victoria.

We will definitely return, and we will recommend this rustic, beautiful retreat to our friends. It was a fantastic place to get away from it all!

Here are some images from Kingfisher Manor:

Views from the deck

Path down to the dock

A wonderful long picnic table on the deck for warmer weather dining
Here is Nick on his "little bed," which he LOVED! (Our room had a queen bed and this single bed tucked away under the stairs)

See what I mean about the views? This is a picture of our room--right before we left on Saturday morning
More views off the deck, at different times of the day or evening--we couldn't get enough of the views!

This one's my favorite!

The fire pit, complete with marshmallow roasters and fish roasting pans

The little cabin

Another view of the dock

The front of the house from the deck

Two swans in the water
Another angle of the view

This is the inside of the little cabin, which can be rented for extra

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