Monday, February 2, 2009

My Crafty Wonderkid!

During my last two pregnancies, Mike and I often joked about hoping for a quiet daughter who could spend hours stringing beads, reading books, drawing pictures, or engaging in imaginary play.

As you know, that did not transpire.

Instead I have three EXTREMELY active boys. To the point that when Mike took the boys to meet a friend and her friend at an inflatable toy indoor playground last Friday, they marveled at his ability to keep up with all of them (they each have one girl). They indeed keep us busy!

So no bead stringing in our house, but we do have the drawing, reading, and imaginary play (although I'd hardly call it quiet). I've always wanted to have a child who would enjoy doing crafts with me. My sister and I used to love making valentines together when we were younger. My friend Shelia has her kids (two girls and a boy) actively engaging in being creative...she inspires me!

So imagine my delight when I asked Kieran if he wanted to make valentines with me, and he jumped at the chance. Yesterday afternoon we were valentine-making machines! He is making valentines for all the 22 kids in his class, and each one is completely original. We cleared away the valentine stuff for dinner, and at bedtime he was very disappointed not to be able to make more! (I consoled him by telling him he has plenty of time left!)

The time passed very quickly, especially when we put on the "Cinderella" video for Nicholas, whose patience with making valentines ran out after long. Mike was off on an "artist's date," and our poor invalid Chris (who bruised his heel really badly at the above-mentioned indoor playground and is hobbling around on crutches) was immersed in a new brain puzzler game on his Nintendo DS.

A few hours later, Mike had returned and it was already nearly 6 p.m. and time to make dinner!

Here are some photos of our results (still in process):



While I was making dinner last night (sole Basquaise, rice, and salad), the boys indulged one of their favorite pasttimes, tromping around in my heels! Kieran trotted Nicholas into the kitchen like this and announced him as "Cinderella"!

Nicholas, for his part, was just as pleased as punch!

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