Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh Happy Day!!!

I stayed home from work this morning to watch the inauguration, and at the moment the Bushes are flying away from the Capitol in a helicopter. At the same time (multitasker that I am), I was reading today's New York Times, and was struck by an op-ed article by Norman Ornstein, talking about how gracefully Mr. Bush has acted during the transition, and I must agree. It could have been so much worse, and he could have done even more damage during the 3-month transition period. He has been pilloried in the press and the internet for the extensive damage he and his colleagues have done to the country (and deservedly so)...but to throw boots at an effigy of Bush outside of the White House? Very unclassy.

So do you think that Chief Justice Roberts flubbed the oath on purpose? I was disgusted to note that the first news articles I read after that happened claimed that Obama had screwed up the oath, instead of getting the facts right and noting that Roberts screwed the whole thing up.

I loved Joseph Lowery's benediction (can't find the text online yet), and the fact that he had the last word! (My thoughts about Rick Warren's prayer were that it was embarassingly WAY too "Christian," especially for a country founded on the basis of religious freedom!). And Aretha Franklin's rendition of "America." And what a refreshing speech, and the pride to have an articulate, inspirational, and intelligent president representing our great country?

It was great to watch the inauguration with a new citizen...it must have been amazing for Mike to know that his very first two votes as a U.S. citizen contributed to this day.

Today I'm feeling very proud to be an American, more so than any other day in my memory. I wouldn't want to be Barack Obama and face the momentous challenges he has before him (more than any other president, perhaps, in history)...but I'm so grateful and relieved that he is the one who is in that position, leading this country during a very challenging time.

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  1. I think we watched CNN all day yesterday. And then I cried this morning watching the dance at the Neighborhood Ball. It just feels so good.