Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A New Tech-Savvy Administration

One more week to go!! I have been quiet lately about political issues--I thought it was time to take a break for awhile!!--but I just discovered a really cool new tool that allows regular citizens to express their opinions to the Obama administration.

The Citizen's Briefing Book allows you to suggest ideas for the administration to consider, or to vote on ideas that have already been suggested. You have to sign up to vote or suggest an idea, but that's quick and easy. Check it out!

I was especially interested to express my opinion about Timothy Geithner as candidate for Treasury Secretary. I simply do not understand why Obama is defending him--why would we want someone who failed to pay his taxes run the Treasury Department? Something doesn't smell right, and I hope that Obama sees the light soon, or Geithner withdraws.

I know I will certainly not agree with everything the Obama administration does, but I'm glad to see that there is a really simple tool to express my opinion. Because all of you who know me also know that I love to express my opinions!!

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