Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year! Starting a New Blog...

When I declared my intention to start a new blog to use as my journal for organizing my life, Chris was worried I was abandoning this one. That is not my intent.

Starting today, I am following a program to get my life organized...based on the book Mike gave me for Christmas, One Year to an Organized Life (by Regina Leeds). By publicly announcing my intentions, I'm hoping I will take it more seriously and follow through than I have in the past.

Leeds recommends the use of a journal; however, I've never been very good about sticking with a journal, as good as my intentions might be. I've been much more successful with blogging--probably because I'm a faster typist than writer, and I also enjoy posting photos and links. So a blog it will be!

If you are interested in following my organization process, check it out and subscribe to it if you like.

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