Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Getting a Little Bit Crafty!

Last fall I took a fused glass class with my mom at Chris' middle school. They have a program called SUN Community School, which the county subsidizes...its main purpose is to offer after-school activities for school-age kids. But they usually offer an adult class as well.

At $30 for six weeks, the cost could not be beat! It was an hour each week, and I just went right to class after work on Monday evenings.

Here are some of my creations...beginners' fused glass, at best! The tricky thing is that one never knows how exactly things will look after they've been fired in the kiln.

My first creation--a little ladybug suncatcher:

This little dish kind of caved in a bit on the sides...

I really like the way this one turned out, except for the bubbles!! (One is not supposed to have bubbles in fused glass!)

Our teacher doesn't like to do jewelry, but I enjoyed that favorite one (and the only one I've worn yet) is on the chain.

In the final class, we did Christmas stars--the idea is to wrap them with wire and beads, so they can be ornaments...but I haven't gotten around to that yet.

Mom and I both reenrolled for a new 7-week session, starting yesterday. Very fun! I love having a defined period of time in which to be creative...and to learn a new craft!

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  1. What a great class! I love your little dish and I think the caved sides add some interest.