Monday, January 26, 2009

Fallen Off the Fitness Wagon...

We are nearly at the end of January, and so far, both Mike and I have done a pretty darn good job sticking to our resolutions. He has been faithfully writing one page a day, no more and no more less. (I've told him that if it were me, I'd be tempted to race on and produce more than one page if I were on a roll, and the children were out of the house, like they were on Saturday...)

I've continued with my One Year to an Organized Life, prodded along by my new blog and also some organizing friends I've met along the way! I know we're only nearly 1/12th of the way through the year, but so far so good! I haven't got a very good record on previous resolutions.

I don't mean to be passe', because I know that EVERYONE AND THEIR SISTER resolves to get fit at the beginning of the new year...can you believe all those ads for exercise equipment and attire? However, I really must do something about my pathetic current state of health.

I'm hoping that by documenting this resolution to all of you lovely readers out there, I'll be more likely to stick to it.

I went to the gym today at lunch...after THREE MONTHS AWAY!!! Yes, I know...I've been very bad indeed. The worst part about it is when I think about paying a monthly rate to the gym and not taking advantage of it!!

Part of the problem is that my gym is over on the other side of town, near where my office used to be. I have refused to change gyms, because it's the only women's gym in town...and I really like it. But it's terribly inconvenient.

I was shocked to discover that I have gained a bunch of pounds. Hardly surprising given the holidays and my throwing self-restraint to the winds. My clothes have felt slightly tighter, but not significantly, so I was surprised. So it's back to the daily tracking of what I eat and how I exercise via Fitday. Otherwise, I have a harder time turning down sweets offered to me!

I've never been an athlete...and working out does not give me a thrill. In fact, I find it incredibly boring, so I must read a book and listen to fast music on my iPod while I use the cardio machines. (You will be happy to know that I put the book down while lifting weights...)

My role model for getting back to shape is my college friend Kristin, who a few years ago lost a bunch of weight and is now running half-marathons all over the world! I will NEVER run a half-marathon, but she's a true inspiration to me. I was lucky as a girl because I never had to worry about what I ate. I weighted 85 pounds when I graduated from high schoool!! I realize that as a female, I was fortunate not to worry about my weight when I was growing up--and not have it hang over me as a burden all my life (like Oprah).

But I think at some level I still think I'm 16 and I don't want to have to worry about what I eat! My goal is not to become stick thin or to become a marathoner...I just want to feel healthier and live a nice, long life. So I know I need to try harder.

Ironically, I came home tonight to discover that Mike had made crab cakes and some English potato dish with cream and butter! (Nice traditional English cooking!) But I just sampled them and filled up with veggies and leftover salmon from the weekend, and I was glad I hit the gym earlier today!

I hope I can stick with my healthy eating plan and continue hitting the gym somewhat regularly. I will never be a gym rat, or a health fanatic, but I'm aiming for moderation, and a good cholesterol check at my next physical!


  1. Good luck with the fitness resolution. I didn't even make resolutions because I hate when I break them (always). I too need to go back to the gym. I even hired a personal trainer last year and I'm a little embarrassed to go back in and show him what I've done with all his hard work.

  2. Hey Marie..been enjoying both of your blogs. I signed up for Eat the View over on Face Book. I'm already plotting what's going into our veggie beds this year..and it hasn't even stopped snowing yet! I use online food tracking sites as well. I used to use Fit Day, but have since switched to Daily Plate...seems to be more user friendly and I can put in my own recipes. I also use an app called CalorieKing that is on my Palm and goes with me on trips. I'm sure you are going to see great results at your next physical.