Friday, January 9, 2009

Cinderella Rides on Fire Trucks

Nicholas: completely besotted with fire trucks and Cinderella.

Mike and the boys took his mum (who will be leaving us on Wednesday) to the mall for a final shopping trip, and I met them for lunch in the food court. Mike had rented one of those outrageously expensive mall the form of a fire truck, of course. Great entertainment for our Nick (and Kieran enjoys it too).

I found this vision entertaining: Nick's Cinderellas (note the headless miniature one--these things are SO cheap!) riding on a fire engine! Perfect!!

Nick fell in love with a plastic Cinderella piggy bank at the Disney store, and would have been delighted if we had bought him the Cinderella gown. Instead, we used some of his Christmas money to buy him the bank and a Cinderella pillow. As I was wandering through the Disney store, looking through all the awful princess stuff, I overheard a mother saying to her son," Okay--let's go to the boy side." The Disney store is divided up into two sections--one to attract boys (Toy Story, power rangers, Winnie the Pooh, pirates, etc.) and one to attract girls (princesses and High School Musical). I find it disgusting, but I did have to chuckle to myself that I was buying my 2-year-old son a few princess things in the GIRL SECTION!!! I wanted to march up to that mom and tell her that! But I didn't.
Nicholas' favorite pastime of the moment is playing Cinderella with his grandmother, who is the fairy godmother. Here Kieran has dressed him up as Cinderella:

But tonight Kieran declared he'd had enough of Cinderella, "for once and for all," and kidnapped Cinderella and put her in a "coffin" (a plastic box) and declared that she had died. Poor Cinders. Nick wasn't very happy about that!

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