Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pre-Snowy Activities

We continue to be snowed in--actually, we got another 3 or 4 inches today and expect more overnight and tomorrow morning. Today I was planning to attend a "Nutcracker Tea" (shortened version of the Nutcracker ballet, followed by tea and goodies) with Kieran, Nicholas, and my mother-in-law, but alas, it was cancelled because of the snow. I was also planning to have lunch with a friend--cancelled--and Kieran had been invited to a kindergarten group play date--also cancelled.

The one thing that was not cancelled was the "It's a Wonderful Life" radio play that Chris and Mike were planning to attend. With the cancellation of the Nutcracker Tea, Mike took Kieran along as well. They bundled up and headed out into the snow with the chained-up tires. They asked people to fill out a survey about the play and everyone who participated had their names entered in a drawing. Our very lucky Kieran won (he is constantly winning things--mostly coloring contests!)--his name was read out loud--he won two tickets to the next play. (Who knows whether it's appropriate for children though!) During the 3 hours they were gone, it snowed steadily, so their trip home was stressful and slippery.

I made spicy butternut squash and zucchini patties for dinner, and we are continuing to hole up here in our house. At least we're getting all our Christmas preparations done. Tomorrow church has been cancelled as well...we will be so happy to get life back to normal!

Here are some photos of activities before all this snow!

We were invited to some friends' house a few weeks ago for a wonderful Friday night dinner...Ruth is Irish and her table setting and elaborate meal reminded us of the meals we had last year in the UK...tablecloths, beautiful place settings, delicious food, followed by Irish whisky at the end of the meal!

The dinner party at the beautifully laid table

Nick and his buddy Sophie

Here are some photos of our weekend in Puyallup earlier this celebrate our nephews' birthdays--Daniel and Garrett on December 5, and Ryan on December 19. Happy birthday, boys!

My brother-in-law, David, with Sam, their niece, whose life is a perfect measurement of the length of their relationship--Sam was born right after Nadine and David started dating! Now she is a sophomore at PLU!

Nadine and David's beautiful Noble Fir, much bigger than ours and only $20 more!
The cousins putting together puzzles in the morning
On Sunday, Daniel and Garrett celebrated their birthday at the local YMCA, which has a huge, wonderful gym where the boys take gymnastics. It was a very active, fun party!
This is a great LONG trampoline track--very fun!
Nick would only go on the trampoline with ME! Every time I got off it, it felt like I had sea legs!
Ryan in the block pit!
Chris swinging on the rope
Kieran practicing his pommel horse skills
The party attendees in the block pit
Daniel and Garrett with their dinosaur cake!

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