Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fire Truck Boy

Who knows what kind of genetic material contributes to a child's obsessions? When Chris was Nicholas' age, he was obsessed with brooms, pianos, and CDs, and would be drawn immediately to any of those three objects like a magnet.

Nicholas loves balls, Bob the Builder, Teletubbies, and cars, but his first love? Fire trucks, hands down. As a clueless adult, when I hear a siren I don't pay much attention to it. With Nick around, though, a siren in the distance never escapes attention.

His day has been made if he sees a real live fire truck--or even better, a firefighter who hands him a sticker. Our friends Neal and Annette, who used to spend lots of quality time with Nick when they were here in Portland, took him on a field trip to a fire station this fall. He loved it. He was a firefighter for Halloween.

I had never noticed how many fire truck themed clothes, toys, and accessories there are available for little boys. (Yes, little boys...since all that sort of thing tends to be sadly very gender specific.) So this year was a three-alarm fire truck Christmas!

Small fire trucks and Firebears book from his cousins; firehouse, fire engine, and fire truck book from us; and handmade fire truck bag (to carry the fire trucks!) from his Grandma England

This boy is in FIRE TRUCK HEAVEN!

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