Thursday, December 25, 2008

Booby Trap!

Mike and I have been married for 18-1/2 years...and each year I discover new things about him. Sometime in the last year, I discovered that whenever I buy chocolate chips, they seem to disappear. I like to keep them on hand for cooking, but I never seemed to have any in the cupboard.

He finally confessed that he'd been eating them. He cannot resist an open bag of chocolate chips, apparently. Hmph!

Kieran and I bought some chocolate chips recently, thinking we'd do some chocolate baking, and determined to keep his daddy away from them, he rigged this booby trap:

It actually worked, because the light (on top of the cone) fell on Mike when he tried to get something out of the cupboard.
I used 1 cup of the chocolate chips this morning for my chocolate babke, and I'm sure the whole bag will slowly disappear now!

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