Friday, November 14, 2008

Troubling Divisions in Democratic Blogging Camps

This just in: Obama has offered the position of Secretary of State to Hillary Clinton, who has said she will need time to consider her decision.

What I find distressing is the number of comments slamming Clinton and expressing disappointment in Obama for this choice (read the comments in the above-referenced blog post). As one blogger and former Hillary supporter put it, those of us who supported her in the primaries have willingly moved over into the Obama camp...and she campaigned hard for him. She didn't have to do that. Can't those Obama diehards get over it and show her some support in return?

She's viewed poorly for several reasons--she will always be tied to Bill (hence the "old" Democrats), she is viewed as a hawk (supported the Iraq war), and they didn't like the way she campaigned. But when they use words like "shrill" to describe her...there's no getting away from it. Sexism pure and simple.

Why can't we trust Obama to do the right thing? Presidents always say they are going to be bipartisan and build their teams from different looks like this is the first time we have a president who is actually going to walk the talk. I like the fact that he is choosing strong, independent individuals for his team.

I also read today that Obama plans to post a weekly youtube address. This is the new world order, baby!

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