Friday, November 21, 2008

The Sweetest Love Story: Ellen and Rosemary

Get out your tissues.

This from the


My wife and I bought our house in May 2006 from Ellen and Rosemary, an elderly lesbian couple. They had done beautiful work to the house, having planned on staying here the rest of their lives. But grandchildren came, and with that, they ran off to North Carolina to be closer to the little ones. I told them how exciting it was that they could help turn North Carolina Blue.

This house had a lot of memories for them, including being the location of their commitment ceremony. They were intensely proud of the house, even flying off the handle when the housing inspector found a few inoffensive nitpicky "flaws" in his inspection report. Even though my wife and I shrugged at those minor blemishes, when we moved in, the couple had already had them all fixed.

While they couldn't officially marry in this beloved house of theirs, they eventually went up to Massachusetts this past September and married. It must've been really sweet.

Being elderly and living in the East Coast, they apparently went to bed early on Election Night. Sometime in the middle of the night, Ellen woke up and asked Rosemary, "who won?" Her wife pulled out her laptop, and said, "Obama did. It's now official." Ellen, a huge Obama fan, smiled and went back to bed. Shortly thereafter, she died.

Rosemary jokes that Ellen waited just long enough to find out the results so she could go and tell Obama's grandmother the great news.

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