Saturday, November 1, 2008

Last Pre-Election Post?

I'm posting this from Puyallup, Washington, where we are hanging out for the weekend. My sister and her husband don't have audio working correctly on their computer, so I have not yet had the pleasure of listening to the now-famous prank phone call that Montreal comedians played today on Sarah Palin. If you haven't yet heard it, listen to it here.

I can just imagine my Canadian colleague, Dave, cracking up about this. This is the final proof that Ms. Palin is just not very smart. "I can see Belgium from my house"????? And he'd seen the "documentary" about her called "Nailin Palin"??? And what kind of a VP candidate does not know the name of the Canadian prime minister, for God's sake?

I'm sorry--I do not have any pity whatsoever, with the nasty insults and smears Palin has been heaping on Obama and the entire Democratic party...which have gotten even worse today. She deserves it...completely.

If you have problems with audio, you can read the transcript of the call here. Hilarious.

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