Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween Weekend--Part 1

With all the excitement of the election, I am far behind in posting all the photos I took of our great Halloween weekend last week! Now that life is getting back to normal, somewhat, because I'm not glued to the political blogs every night, I finally have a chance to write about Halloween.

As a sign of Chris' advancing years, he was not too focused on Halloween this year. I couldn't get him to come up with any ideas for a costume, although he did want to dress up. So we basically came up with one for a punk rocker. Mike bought some black fingernail polish and orange hair gel, and I cut up an old t-shirt and Mike wrote punk rock phrases all over it. Here he is:

He's definitely the sweetest punk rocker I've ever seen!
Kieran got to participate in his first Maplewood Halloween costume parade...very exciting!! Because of the unpredictable and off-again-on-again-rainy weather, it was held inside.
Here is Chris' 5th grade teacher, with her very "subtle" Obama logo on her sign.
I thought this costume was very original--it was a substitute teacher who came dressed as Joe the Plumber! Note the McCain-Palin button and the plunger...
Kieran in the costume parade
Nicholas the Firefighter and Daddy
Parading around once more
Kieran and his wonderful teacher Mrs. Lang (or the Cat in the Hat)
Kieran and his friend Blue (the kindergarten class had no less than five superheroes...Dash, Batman, and three Spidermen!)

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