Monday, November 3, 2008

First Haircut for Nicholas

When I was a kid, getting a haircut was nothing special. I went to the same salon my mom frequented, and my earliest memory of a haircut was when I specifically told the hairstylist that I did NOT want bangs. I was trying to grow my hair long. And the stylist obviously heard the word BANGS. What did I end up with? The dreaded bangs. I was mortified!!!

Well, now when you're a kid you can go to a very cool kids' hair salon to get your hair cut. Our kids' personal salon is called Kids' Castle Cuts. They make the first haircut a big deal, with an envelope of the child's hair snippets. They have all sorts of cool toys for the kids to play with, car chairs, videos and toys to distract, and a lollipop at the end. (And all the styists dress up for Halloween!) No problem talking our kids into visiting the hair salon.

Kieran didn't graduate from Mom's hair salon to Kids' Castle Cuts until he was 3, while Nicholas started at age 2. Hairstylist Kara was desperate to get her hands on Kieran's hair, but Kieran very definitely announced that he wasn't going to get his hair cut until he was THREE.

Nicholas had his first haircut on Friday (Halloween) and he did very well and also enjoyed himself! Here are some "before" photos with his baby longish hair:

Getting ready for the hair cut:

He just looks SO MUCH OLDER with his first "big boy" haircut!!

Playing with the toys while Kieran got his hair cut:

Kieran's turn, at age 5 now the old hand:

All spiffed up:

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