Monday, October 20, 2008

When Do We Grow Out of Stomping in Puddles?

When do we shift from looking out at a rainy day in delight to grumbling about another cold, rainy day in Oregon? When do we stop getting excited about snow days and instead worry about how we will get to work in inclement weather? When do we start taking hot, sunny days for granted in the summer rather than viewing them as another opportunity to strip down to our swimsuits and run through the sprinkler?

We all need to vow to try viewing the weather the way a two-year-old does. Late last week my very independent two-year-old very proudly put on his own wellies (short for Wellington boots--an English term) and was ready to go find a puddle to jump in. Alas, it wasn't raining at the time...but this morning it was! He told his daddy he wanted to wear his boots!

Hip hip hooray! A jumping-in-puddles kind of day!!!

(This is Nicholas pretending to puddle jump...)

Very proud of my wellies!

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