Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What Exactly Is John McCain's View of America?

John Aravosis of Americablog.com writes:

Just days after McCain chastized his own supporters for implying that Obama was un-American, McCain's own campaign issued a statement today about Ayers - since, you know, our economic future isn't nearly as important to John McCain as some guy from the 60s.

The statement, entitled "Barack Obama, Palling Around With Terrorists," included the following line:

Barack Obama has a different view of America than most of us.
What is that supposed to mean? And who are most of us?

Last time I checked, most of us are voting for Barack Obama and not John McCain. Most of us find an increasingly erratic John McCain, at the age of 72 and after 4 bouts of cancer, too risky a choice for president. Most of us find Sarah Palin a blithering idiot. Most of us are still trying to figure out what possessed McCain to risk America's future on someone so unqualified for high office. Most of us don't look forward to staying in Iraq another 100 years. Most of us don't think Social Security should be privatized and invested into the stock market. Most of us wouldn't trust John McCain within a mile of our 401K. Most of us don't have a $2m Fannie Mae lobbyist running our campaign. Most of us aren't worth $100 million. Most of us don't own 12 homes. Most of us don't have a temper problem that scares our colleagues. Most of us aren't increasingly erratic. Most of us don't hide our medical records from our future employer. Most of us speak up immediately when someone talks about killing our political opponent in front of us. Most of us don't chuck our honor in order to win an election.

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