Thursday, October 9, 2008

We Are All Guilty by Association!

Gail Collins writes a delightful satirical piece in the New York Times today, "Clearing the Ayers," about how guilty she is for her own associations with "terrorists." Here's the intro:

John McCain traces the rancorous tone of the presidential campaign back to
last summer when he invited Barack Obama to have lots and lots of town-hall
meetings with him all around the country. When Obama turned him down, obviously
McCain had no choice but to start depicting his opponent as a terrorist-loving
advocate of talking dirty to kindergarteners.

It really seems that McCain-Palin are black-painting they really want us to bring up every association in their past? Obama-Biden have been diplomatic by bringing up Charles Keating alone. The blogs are doing their job for them, which is probably a good thing given the public's lack of appetite for negative campaigning...but a lot of these associations (with wacko religious nuts, Iran-contra supporters, anti-semitics, and Alaska secessionists) are not making the mainstream news.

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