Friday, October 10, 2008

A Tribute to Obama from an Eight-Year-Old

I meant to post this earlier this week but forgot. This is a letter written to Obama by an 8-year-old friend, Beck (shown below with Nicholas). It's been fun to see how many kids are getting engaged by this election! (I've left Beck's punctuation and spelling as is...)

From Beck's mom, our friend Shelia: "Beck wrote this letter to Obama this morning on the way to church. He typed it this evening. I am not encouraging the comments about the bum (although I guess there were worse words that he could have chosen). He is going to write a letter to John M next. He is so very excited by his letter. The FULL is supposed to be FOOL. Beck asked me during church if we have ever had a democratic president. I told him yes, it just feels like forever."

Dear Obama

Song about you and Mcain
Mcain he’s a pain.
Mcain is dumb he suck’s his thumb and show’s his bum.

You are the man you have a van.
You are cool.

A state ment.

Mcain shod have ran for president 55 years ago.
Before he became an old grumpy guy.

From Beck Dengler age 8

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