Saturday, October 11, 2008

Single Mom of Three Boys--Part 2

Well, it's Saturday afternoon and we're doing fine.

Mike's been calling us every day from a pay phone, and it sounds like his writing retreat is well worth the effort. It's an intimate gathering--only 50 people or so. He was a bit anxious about sharing a room with someone he didn't know, but it turns out that his roommate (a dentist) only came for part of one day and is not staying over at Mike has a single room. Last night they had an open mike, and he read one of his children's stories, "The Princess and the Dragon," which has a distinctly "Kieranish" air about it. I'm really hoping that this retreat will be motivational for him and will jump start his writing career.

He commented that it's odd being cut off from the rest of the world (no TV, for example), kind of like being at Holden Village. I imagine that a full retreat from the craziness in the world might not be a bad thing right now. I've been trying to keep myself from checking on my 401K. I know it wouldn't do any good to know what a dive it's taking, so I'm taking an "ignorance is bliss" approach.

My parents have been champs...yesterday I took the younger two over there, and Chris went to play with a friend for most of the day (no school yesterday). Thursday night they invited us over for dinner (yum! lentil chili!). This afternoon my mom is going to take Chris and Kieran to the movies. I've been doing a lot of housework today. Typically on the weekends we are out and about and don't get much done around the house, but the boys agreed that they didn't want to go to the farmer's market without Mike.

We are all missing him, but as usually happens, the anticipation of the absence is always worse than the actual absence! Nevertheless, we'll all be happy to see him return tomorrow!

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