Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Many Faces of Hope

I remember in my 11th grade citizenship class, we did some sort of exercise where we identified ourselves as people who believe that humans are inherently good or inherently evil. There was a correlation to how that matched up to our political beliefs.

Democrats=believe that people who are in tough circumstances need a helping hand, rehabilitation assistance, and support...and that it's the community's responsibility to help those who are less fortunate...

Republicans=believe that people on welfare take advantage of a free lunch, don't want to become independent or get a job, don't believe that it's community's responsibility to help those less fortunate than they are...

Okay, so that's a simplistic view...but I think it resonates with what we are seeing in this campaign. Obama talks about helping people who are losing their homes, about how the middle-class is being affected by the economy, etc., while McCain talks about TAX CUTS FOR BUSINESSES. McCain/Palin emphasize government reform; they are not talking about helping people who are being hit hard by the economic mess.

I discovered this really cool site that illustrates the incredible diversity of Obama supporters...and people who believe in the hope that we can create a better, more compassionate country, a place where everyone can be successful, well fed, and cared for...check it out if you want to feel more positive about where we are headed...together...if we all vote! Here are just a few of the images on the gallery:

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